@Alex_Pearce on the benefits of Moodle + #Sharepoint document library


Alex Pearce provided a three part series of how to implement Sharepoint as the document repository for Moodle.  As a follow up we asked “why?”  Thankfully, Alex has posted a rundown of the reasoning behind an implementation and the benefits that a Moodle administrator and Moodle-using organization might receive upon a successful implementation.  From his post,

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

I got a tweet from @moodlenews asking why would I want the documents I have in Moodle stored in a SharePoint document library.  Well it’s a very good question so I thought the fourth and final post on Integrating SharePoint and Moodle would be why we want to do this.

Reasons include:

  • file editing and version control
  • search
  • web apps
  • and more.

Check out the 4 part series for a much greater detailed treatment of the process and reasoning at http://www.bfcnetworks.com


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