About Moodle by @Mariamoodle


MariaMoodle (@mariamoodle and at Edublogs) recently shared a really interesting PDF on issuu.com about Moodle.  Really the presentation/document highlights the history of Moodle and the various public quotes and pictures of Moodle founder, Martin Dougiamas.  It’s an interesting (and short read: 15 pages) but well worth it to find out why Moodle was created, how it’s grown, who it’s main contributors are an even what the future has in store for the popular LMS.


For more information accesss MariaMoodle’s blog here: http://moodleblog.mmendiola.net

The presentation/PDF: http://issuu.com/mariamoodle/docs/aboutmoodle

Download the PDF:  http://drop.io/freemoodle/asset/aboutmoodle-pdf

Note that “About Moodle” is now also available en Espagñol: http://moodleblog.mmendiola.net/?p=1527