Lewis Carr (@lewiscarr) has done it again.  Now available for download from his site is one of the best looking themes available for Moodle.  The theme is Moodle with Mootools, which borrows from the striking theme at Leeds Community College’s Park Lane Campus Moodle and provides teachers a crisp three column course environment and students with customizable colors and aesthetics.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Check out the Leeds site to check out the theme customization options: http://moodle.parklane.ac.uk/.

Lewis says that this version is a work in progress, here are some of the other features that may be available in the future:

Code cleanup (make more standards compliant)
Add extras to the dashboard
Tailor the menus to the user (i.e recognize logins etc..)
Please feel free to give it a try and send me any feedback (positive feedback obviously!!!)
Include suggestions based on the Moodle community feedback!

(Source: http://lewiscarr.co.uk/content/moodle-mootools-theme)

Below is a sneak peak of the theme in action.




End user UI for color/palate customization (my favorite part):

The theme is available for download now at http://lewiscarr.co.uk/content/moodle-mootools-theme.


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  1. Great work. Congratulations.
    Even this, I found the undefined variable $course in mootoolsbeta/panelloggedin.html on line 14

  2. Simply change in mootoolsbeta/panelloggedin.html on line 14
    id, $user->picture, true, false, false);?>
    id, $USER->picture, true, false, false);?>
    Ciao and thanks for the great contribution.


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