It’s back to school week!  We have all the tips and tricks for getting a jump start with Moodle this school term and will be sharing a few of our favorites all this week.

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Getting started with a course foundation is a great way to get a jump start on delivering content in Moodle (just check out all the sites with backup courses available).

Great news if you’re a 9th grade teacher, the Open High School of Utah just opened their 9th grade curriculum to the public as Open Course Ware.  And it’s all Moodle based.  That’s right, the entire 9th grade year, available to use on your Moodle with your students.  Content areas include,

  • English/Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Tech
  • Science

Kudos to OHS of Utah for providing this resource, a tremendous step in the right direction for providing a base-level of content to high school teachers around the country,

Unique to OHSU is our commitment to share the curriculum we have developed as an open educational resource. All of these elements combined make the Open High School of Utah the future of education; we are the face of innovation.

No login or registration required to download the courses:

(via David Wiley via Open Source News)

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