is a wonderful resource full ways you can improve your Moodling, connect with peers and discuss the intricacies of a quality online classroom. One of my favorite resources there is a page listing 5 Moodle Myths which I’ve turned into a document to share.  The original page has fleshes out each of the myths in more detail, but I thought a cool looking “Mythbusters” inspired poster might be a nice way to spread the word (unfortunately these myths do not necessitate explosions, crash test dummies or power tools).

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The myths

  1. You need to be an expert and tech savvy to use Moodle
  2. With Moodle, you need to be on computers all the time.
  3. Students will love Moodle because it is online and in ‘their world’
  4. Moodle is just about fun and games, it’s a time waster and does not encourage ‘real work’
  5. Moodle is just another thing we need to learn, deal with and worry about now. Admin will probably switch to something new in a year or two anyway so why bother using in and learning about it now.

Tomaz Lasic (@lasic) get the credit for creating this resource and the great “Teaching and Learning: by educators for educators” resource at

Download the file [editable Word .docx] | [PDF]

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