4 Video Interviews with Real Moodle users at @CityUniLondon


The City University of London (web: http://www.city.ac.uk/; Twitter: http://twitter.com/CityUniLondon) posted four videos of interviews with it’s own Moodle using staff members.  It’s a keen insight to the various levels of early adoption you might see on any campus moving away from another Learning Management System.  From a simple file repository that students rely on for notes and updates, to quizzes and practice exams, to a general time-saving and complementary tool for the campus: you can tell that the staff at CUL is quite happy with their move from a previous system.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Check out all 4 short (less than 7 minutes each) videos at http://www.city.ac.uk/ldc/learning-technologies/moodle/start_with_moodle.html.

One recommendation that Ian Glover gives resonates clearly with the Moodle Feasibility Study information we received, when asked to provide recommendations for other technology staff in similar migration to/implementation of Moodle at an institution,

the advice that I would give is get the training started as soon as possible and just keep training.

Check out their Moodle at http://moodle.city.ac.uk/.

Thanks to Twitterer @Ajmalsultany for sharing this great resource: http://twitter.com/AjmalSultany/statuses/24655644987

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