33 Examples of the Book Module providing passive professional development


AUB (the American University of Beirut) was a big contributor of traffic to our site last week from their very nice Moodle (http://moodle.aub.edu.lb) and I’m glad they were (otherwise I wouldn’t have seen their really great use of the Moodle Book module which provides and easy to access “Guide to Moodle” for faculty).

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They’ve created various levels of tutorial resources and documentation that are always available and just a click away.


Not only are there three progressively advanced general Moodle (I, II, and III) tutorials, but there are also over two dozen tool specific guides such as,

  • The Office Addin for Moodle
  • Book module
  • Quiz
  • Questionnaire
  • Forum
  • Adding activities
  • Assignments
  • Attendance
  • and much, much more

It’s a wealth of resources available, including text and images in an easy to navigate format.  Enjoy!


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