Hosted over at; the Kemi-Tornio has many Moodle “books” (the module) which are manuals for using different versions of Moodle cover beginner tricks and a guide each for teachers and students.  The entire list of books, available in English and Finnish, is available at

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS
  • Beginners (1.9): this tutorial covers navigation, logging in and getting a handle on your myMoodle page.  In additional it takes a deeper look at resources, activities and blocks.
  • Student (1.9): the student tutorial covers each activity in greater detail and highlights the changes in the 1.9 gradebook (student view).
  • Teachers (1.9): this book dives into creating or requesting courses, course settings, management and creation.  In addition they have some great tips for managing and teaching an online course in Moodle as the last chapter.

Note that some non-standard modules (like Nanogong) are covered in the handbooks created.

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