If you’ve never visited Russell Stannard’s award winning site and resources, today would be a good day.  The site, TeacherTrainingVideos.com covers a wide swath of education technology, web2.0 resources and just simple tricks and tips to help any teacher learn, become more efficient or master a new tool in the classroom: http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/.

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Recently through Twitter (sorry I’ve lost track of who posted them over the weekend) I stumbled across the great Moodle videos (28 of them) which cover Moodle at an introductory level through more advanced features and capabilities.  The videos appear to have been created by Sigrid James who does a great job of narrating and demonstrating.

Here’s a full list of the videos, first for the Intro to Moodle set (http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/moodle1/index.html):

  1. Intro
  2. Roles
  3. Editing profile
  4. Editing course settings
  5. Managing participants
  6. Resources and Activities
  7. Resource – Insert a label
  8. Resource – Compose a Web page*
  9. Resource – Link to a  file or website
  10. Resource – Display a directory
  11. Activity – forum
  12. Activity – Wiki
  13. Grades
  14. Blocks

And a more in depth take (http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/moodle2/index.html):

  1. Intro
  2. Managing Groups
  3. Resource – Compose a Web page*
  4. Resource – Add an IMS package
  5. Activity – Chat
  6. Activity – Choice
  7. Activity – Database
  8. Activity – Glossary
  9. Activity – Lesson
  10. Activity – Quiz
  11. Activity – SCORM
  12. Activity – Survey
  13. Scales
  14. Backup and Restore

*When composing a web page in Moodle the videos illustrate copying and pasting directly from a Word document.  I would suggest that all text created using Word is first scrubbed of extraneous formatting by pasting into the plain text view or by pasting first into a text editor before being pasted into Moodle.

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