2010 was a HUGE year for Moodle.  MMX brought us some cool innovations in Moodle Mobile, some fantastic books, a huge amount of community activity at Moodle.org and a few other unofficial Moodle groups and sites and finally the wait for and release of Moodle 2.0.

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At Moodlenews we posted around 700 posts and articles, attracted over 600 comments and got involved in tracking and promoting all sorts of great Moodle-initiatives.  2010 was a great year, but 2011 is certain to be better!  On that note, let me leave you all with wishes for a fruitful and learning-filled New Year and our top 10 most popular posts of 2010.

2010 Top 25 Posts/Pages

11. The 11+ Moodle Twitterers you should be following
12. #Facebook Connect for Moodle
13. 855 Moodle-based Open Courses, #OER
14. Moodle Course Round-up (where are all the shared courses?) #OER
15. Poodle for Moodle: a desktop Moodle install for offline testing, learning and course construction
16. Back to School with 3 ways to Jazz up your Moodle pt 1
17. First look at Moodle 2.0: html editor
17.5. 30+ Moodle Videos and Tutorials by @sbrandt (nice work!)
18. 4 Great sites for module/plugin research
19. Hooray! Moodle 2.0 is out NOW!
20. The #Microsoft #Office Add-in for Moodle, a closer look at the tool installed
21. #moodle4iPhone look and feel sneak peek @ckiyan
22. Source Wars: #Blackboard takes aim on Moodle’s image of “Free”
23. 33 Examples of the Book Module providing passive professional development
24. 20+ open access college prep courses from the University of California
25. FLASH: MoodleTouch’s #iPad App screen shots are OUT

And tomorrow check in for the Top 10…

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