Teaching Moodle to new users is something that many tech educators and tech integration specialists will face (or have already).  In my own experience road showing Moodle around California and Vermont, I used an analogy (however correct or incorrect) that creating a Moodle was like visiting Build-a-Bear.  In any event, there are  a host of presentations/videos at the introductory level online at Slideshare.net and other sources from which you or your colleagues could borrow from in creating your own “intro to Moodle” sessions.

Post Pages - Post Inline - WIRIS

Tomaz Lasic has a great resource in itself called 2Minute Moodles (definitely worth a browse).

Here are a few (including my original and fully out-dated Build-a-Bear PPT–go easy on me).

Build-A-Bear/Moodle – Joseph Thibault

Moodle Doodle – tankprice

Doodle with Moodle – Prof A. Lopez

Have more to share? Submit them in the comments and we’ll add them here.

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