2 dozen courses for download at demo.moodle.net RT @moodlehelen


Thanks to Helen Foster (@moodlehelen) for originally posting the details.


Http://demo.moodle.net has around two dozen courses that you can download and use due to their CC licenses.  Most of the courses are a product of the “Cool Course Competition” which occurred earlier this year (more info about the Cool Course Comp: http://www.moodlemonthly.com/tag/cool-courses/).

The courses available cover 13 different languages and a great many topics.  One of my personal favorite courses to peruse is the “Higher Education Film Studies Module“.

To download a course you’ll need to login as Administrator or an Editing Teacher, access the course and use the backup course options in the Administration block.  Login credentials are located on the front page of the site or conveniently on the login page: http://demo.moodle.net/login/index.php.