It was previously released online that the road-map for Moodle2.0 (soon to be released in early 2010) would not support restoring courses from 1.9 or earlier Moodle versions (source).  Martin Dougiamas recently, via Twitter (@Moodler), set the record straight a) acknowledging that working native course restore for older Moodle versions would push the release of Moodle2.0 back months and b) suggesting that restoring courses from pre2.0 Moodle releases would be possible through a “workaround” (no details are yet available).

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mn-2.0backupsWhat’s not yet clear is the process for installing and then upgrading 1.9 sites to the newest release, or if Moodle courses must be active on a site before the upgrade in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

One thing for certain is that the Moodle community will step to the challenge to provide course conversion utilities and tips and tricks for the smoothest transition.  There is no doubt that Moodle2.0 will attract significant attention through it’s Alpha and Beta release and will motivate many a Moodle user to think about upgrading as quickly as possible.

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